Know Compliance

In today’s ever changing and litigious environment, even the best intentioned and well-staffed HR Departments may find it difficult to keep up with the many rules and regs that govern pre-employment practices, hiring and background screening.

Every day we talk to employers and organizations of all sizes that are unaware of the numerous regulations that govern pre-employment screening and the use of criminal records – or – think that the regulations don’t apply to their specific situation or organization.

And even with all of the HR education available to obtain PHR, SPHR and GSPHR designations, nothing is really out there for HR professionals to learn what they need to know about the FCRA (which doesn’t just govern credit) and federally required procedures, such as Adverse Action – not to mention trying to keep up with state and city Ban the Box laws, state drug testing laws and the new EEOC Guidance. There’s no one stop shop, resource or class that one can take and learn everything they need to know to protect their organization.

And you may think that you’re protecting your organization from lawsuits from disgruntled applicants AND the ever growing number of lawsuits that are a result of Negligent Hiring, but are you SURE? What you don’t know really can hurt you.

That’s where we can help.

RSI offers comprehensive background screening programs that are a best defense against costly claims.

Our dedicated Compliance Team works daily to ensure that our clients are in – and stay in – compliance. Regardless of your industry, whether it’s criminal records, adverse action, understanding FCRA obligations, DOT regulations or drug testing – we’ve got you covered.

Ask us “what’s new?” and we’ll tell you everything….

  • Dedicated Compliance Team of Basic AND 2 Advanced FCRA Certified Specialists
  • EEOC Guidance expertise & support, including our INDIVIDUALIZED ASSESSMENT PROGRAM
  • Client education seminars, webinars & on-site consultation and training
  • Background Screening policy development guidance & support
  • Online subscriptions to each state’s legal & regulatory updates at State and Federal levels – reviewed daily, as well as numerous legal journals
  • DOT & DOE Program Management – total support