6 Step to background screening process

6 Steps in Understanding the

Background Screening process


Why conduct background checks?

Almost 90% of large companies perform background checks on their employees. These large companies have figured out they need to make informed decisions about placing candidates in their workforce. Retaining quality candidates and reducing risk in selecting the wrong candidate are extremely important to the growth of any company. Hiring the wrong candidate who can have a criminal history can devastate the foundation of a trusted organization.

Professional background screening firms like Reference Services, Inc (RSI) operate in a controlled, regulated, and transparent process in order to adhere to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The FCRA requires RSI to follow strict reporting standards and state laws. Our primary responsibility is to protect the consumer by assuring maximum accuracy in our reports and re- investigate at no cost to the employer or applicant if there is a dispute.

In order to process a background check there are some steps that are taken to process the report and protect the consumer.


Step 1

The applicant CONSENTS to the background check and provides personal information. This would include Social Security Number, Date of Birth, etc.

Step 2

Reference Services, Inc IDENTIFIES the APPLICANT and PRIOR RESIDENCES through the social security trace history.

Step 3

Our unique ORDER REVIEW process is extremely important in order to ensure accuracy. The RSI staff reviews RECORDS including criminal court records, education verification, employment verification, MVR and more.

Step 4

Reference Services, Inc SENDS THE REPORT to the employer

Step 5

APPLICANT has the opportunity to DISPUTE any portion of the report

Step 6

Reference Services, Inc must RE-INVESTIGATE ANY DISPUTES at no cost


Its important to note the applicant has a voice in the process to dispute any records because there are mistakes in the various databases used in a background check. References Services, Inc searches over 2000+ databases and 650 million records to ensure the most comprehensive criminal background check possible.

These steps adhere to the guidance of the FCRA and the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). Reference Services, Inc is also one of the few professional background screening firms ACCREDITED to the highest standards of the PBSA.


Reference Services, Inc is headquartered in Evansville, IN and has remained one of the premier employment background screening companies in the country. Clients representing almost every industry imaginable rely on RSI to provide fast, accurate and legally compliant background checks on their applicants so they can hire a more productive, safer, and reliable workforce.

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