Reference Service Inc. and Social Intelligence announce Social Media Screening Partnership


Santa Barbara, CA – Longtime pioneer and industry leader Social Intelligence has announced that they will be adding Reference Services, Inc – The Professional Background Screening Company to their list of partnerships.

Social Intelligence is a scalable solution for one time or continuous search and analysis of web and social data to find actionable employment insights and help companies leverage online data in their employment decisions.

Intolerance, sexism, and violence are leading concerns at all levels of the employee life cycle. From talent acquisition to diversity and inclusion managers, people management is tasked with finding and nurturing not only the right culture fit but trustworthy contributors to safe and productive workplaces. Apply Social Intelligence to accomplish compliant screening practices with values-based goals.

“Reference Services’ commitment to their client’s needs makes them a complete partner for Social Intelligence,” says Social Intel President Bianca Lager. “Our social media screening tool leverages both artificial and human intelligence to provide real time behavioral data for smarter and safer hiring decisions. We’re excited to offer social media to the line up to Reference Services clients.”

“At Reference Services, we have been looking for a social media product for some time as we have recognized the increased need and request from our clients. As the screening industry evolves, it is becoming more and more imperative for companies to have a viable way to screen their candidate’s social media. After all the research Social Intelligence is the perfect partner”, says RSI EVP /COO Brad Odil.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, 70% of employers use social media platforms to research potential hires. Leveraging a social media solution through a trusted provider of traditional background screening ensures compliance and trust while delivering a positive candidate experience.

The benefits of the partnership include:

  • Cutting Edge Technology: SI’s screening applies 10 years of continual machine learning, language processing and AI with the added quality control of both attended and workflow automation to efficiently analyze text, images, and videos.
  • Automated Analysis: the methodology approaches online screening from a top-down approach that includes an automated analysis of millions of publicly available platforms, media sources, unique websites, and databases.
  • Accurate, Relevant Data: no irrelevant results or lengthy review process. Clients can see what’s relevant to your organization quickly without the noise of unusable data.
  • User Compliance: No scrapping, bots or misuse of user data. Social Intelligence partners with social media platforms to ensure compliance with user terms and conditions.
  • Actionable Results: developed by experts in the employment law field, their Social Media Hiring Report focuses on business-related, identified behaviors.


Social Intelligence provides scalable solutions for one time or continuous search and analysis of web and social data to find actionable employment insights and help companies leverage online data in their employment decisions. As leaders in social media screening, they are committed to providing companies with accurate, actionable insights to create healthier, more inclusive workplaces.


Reference Services, Inc is headquartered in Evansville, IN and has remained one of the most premier employment background screening companies in the country. Clients representing almost every industry imaginable rely on RSI to provide fast, accurate and legally compliant background checks on their applicants so they can hire a more productive, safer, and reliable workforce.

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