Social Media Screening

An FCRA compliant background check that reviews public online content for racism/intolerance, violence, sexually explicit and potentially illegal activity.

Social Media Hiring Report powered by Social Intelligence

Our reports present actionable adverse information, allowing companies to make better informed hiring decisions while protecting them from unnecessary risk.
  • Compliant with FCRA, EEOC and state privacy laws

  • Focuses on business related online behavior
    • Demonstrations of racism / intolerance
    • Potentially illegal activity
    • Potentially violent conduct
    • Sexually explicit material
  • Identity resolution notes
  • Actionable
  • Apply your Code of Conduct policy to pre hires
  • How does this behavior impact your workplace?
  • AI + Human Analytics
  • 7 Year Scope
72% of employers use social media to screen candidates, up 11% since 2006.


Don’t Do It Yourself – By viewing “protected” or sensitive information that cannot be considered when making hiring decisions, hiring managers are putting their organizations at risk.

In House Verification

Our verification department works diligently to ensure the accuracy of our data before it is released to our customers. For this reason, our dispute rate is among the lowest in the industry.


Our scope of services, investment in extensive data resources and skilled team members ensure you’ve got the power to make informed hiring decisions and make the best hire – the first time.