Top 5 reasons criminal background screening reports are delayed

Alicia Egli
Jul 15, 2021 Background Screening, Compliance,

As a CRA, we understand the importance of turning around criminal reports in a timely manner. However it’s also important for the employer to understand what can cause delays. Working together to achieve the best turn-around time (TAT) possible and getting applicants hired is of the utmost importance. Read More

Background Screening Delays in the COVID-19 Era

Alicia Egli
Apr 27, 2021 Background Screening, Compliance,

The criminal report portion of background checks have been affected by county court closures.  Many of the courts reduced staff, closed operation to the public or closed completely sending their entire staff home affecting our researcher’s availability to access court records in a timely manner. Many states have improved to Read More

Adverse Action: What is it and are you compliant with the law?

Alicia Egli
Jan 04, 2021 Background Screening, Compliance,

The term Adverse Action is explained in Section 603 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act as all business, credit and employment actions affecting consumers that can be considered to have a negative impact. What is an Adverse Action letter? With respect to background checks, an Adverse Action letter is a Read More

Authorization and Disclosure Forms….Are You Compliant?

Alicia Egli
Oct 02, 2020 Background Screening,

As most of you know, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, an employer who wishes to obtain a consumer report or “background check” for a job applicant or current employee must provide a “clear and conspicuous disclosure” to the individual in order to receive written authorization from them before obtaining Read More