Authorization and Disclosure Forms

Authorization and Disclosure Forms….Are You Compliant?


As most of you know, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, an employer who wishes to obtain a consumer report, or “background check”, for a job applicant or current employee must provide a “clear and conspicuous disclosure” to the individual in order to receive written authorization from them before obtaining the report.

One of the most important yet tricky areas under the FCRA are the Authorization and Disclosure forms.  According to the website, these forms certify that the employer:

  • Notified the applicant or employee and got their permission to get a consumer report;
  • Complied with all of the FCRA requirements; and
  • Will not discriminate against the applicant or employee or otherwise misuse the information, as provided by an applicable federal or state equal opportunity laws or regulations.

As most things do that are governed by Federal and/or State law, Authorization and Disclosure Forms change frequently and this can get complicated.  There are also state nuances that may apply.  Because of this, at RSI we have our sample forms reviewed by our legal team at the very least on a semi-annual basis.

As a valued RSI customer we provide these forms at no charge, however, they are samples and we suggest to all our customers they be reviewed by their own legal counsel. At RSI we are always here to help guide you through the process.

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